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Active Noise Cancellation reduces unwanted background noise
Adaptive Transparency lets outside sounds in while reducing loud environmental noise
Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you
Multiple ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
Touch control lets you swipe to adjust volume, press to direct media playback, answer or end calls, and press and hold to switch between listening modes
Sweat and water resistant for AirPods Pro and charging case
MagSafe Charging Case with speaker and lanyard loop
Up to 6 hours of listening time with Active Noise Cancellation on
Up to 30 hours of total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case and Active Noise Cancellation on
Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”

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Specs AirPods Pro 2

Battery life is improved and the AirPods Pro 2 last for up to six hours on a single charge when Active Noise Cancellation is turned on. The included charging case provides a total of 30 hours of listening time, six hours more than the prior-generation model.

airpods pro purple

The AirPods Pro 2 MagSafe Charging Case can be charged using Qi, MagSafe, or the Apple Watch charging puck, a new feature. The case is IPX4 sweat and water resistant and it is now equipped with a lanyard loopso you can add an optional lanyard.

There’s also a built-in speaker in the case so you can find your AirPods Pro charging case with Find My should it become lost, and with Precision Finding that uses the new U1 chip, the Find My app can direct you right to your lost AirPods Pro case.

AirPods Pro Design

The second-generation AirPods Pro feature the same design as the original AirPods Pro, despite rumors that we could see some major changes. There were rumors of a stemless design, but that did not pan out, and Apple is continuing to use the same rounded in-ear bud with flexible silicone tips and a short stem.


airpods pro 2

Apple designed the silicone tips to confirm to the contours of each individual ear, ensuring a comfortable fit and a good seal, an important factor for noise cancellation. The AirPods Pro 2 tips come in extra small, small, medium, and large, and the tips click into place on the AirPods Pro for easy swapping.

The AirPods Pro measure in at 30.9mm tall and 21.8mm wide, identical to the original AirPods Pro. They weigh 5.3 grams.

airpods pro earbuds

There is a new skin-detect sensor in the AirPods that is designed to better detect when the AirPods are removed from the ears in order to preserve battery life.

The new AirPods continue to feature a vent system for pressure equalization when using Active Noise Cancellation. It is designed to minimize the discomfort that can happen with other earbud designs.

MagSafe Charging Case

Apple is selling the AirPods Pro 2 with an updated MagSafe Charging Case that has a magnet inside for use with MagSafe charging accessories.

airpods pro side view

The case measures in at 60.6mm wide, 45.2mm tall, and 21.7mm thick, so despite the addition of a new charging feature, the case is identical to the first-generation AirPods Pro case, though it is slightly heavier. The AirPods Pro MagSafe Charging Case weighs 50.8 grams for a total weight of 56.1 grams with the AirPods Pro inside. The original AirPods Pro case weighed 45.6 grams.

airpods pro magsafe case design

New to the Charging Case this year is a lanyard loop for attaching third-party lanyards, and a speaker that can allow the case to play a sound when used with the Find My feature.

AirPods Pro 2 Lanyard

There is a U1 chip in the MagSafe Charging Case which allows it to work with Precision Finding in the Find My app with an iPhone that has a H1 chip.

Water Resistance

Apple says that the AirPods Pro and the MagSafe Charging Case are “sweat and water resistant,” offering IPX4 water resistance. IPX4 water resistance was also a feature of the original AirPods Pro, but the case is more water resistant now.

IPX4 water resistance means the AirPods Pro and the case can hold up to sweat and light rain, but they should not be submerged and liquid exposure should be avoided when possible. Apple’s warranty does not cover water or sweat damage.

Ear Tip Fit Test

To get the perfect fit and best audio experience, Apple offers an Ear Tip Fit Test for the AirPods Pro. After placing the AirPods Pro in each ear, Apple uses advanced algorithms and the microphones in each AirPod to measure the sound level in the ear and compare it to what’s coming from the speaker driver.

new airpods pro ear tips

The algorithm then detects whether the ear tip is the right size and has a good fit, or if it should be swapped out for another size to create a better seal. AirPods Pro silicone tips come in XS, S, M, and L, with XS offered as a new option.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) has been notably improved, and the AirPods Pro 2 cancel up to twice as much noise as the prior-generation AirPods Pro.

ANC uses the microphones built into the AirPods Pro along with Apple’s software algorithms to adapt sound to each person’s ear. The outward-facing microphone detects external sound so the AirPods Pro can analyze environmental noise, while the inward-facing microphone listens to the sound coming toward the ear. ANC adapts the sound signal reaching the ears 48,000 times per second.

The second-generation AirPods are equipped with a new driver and improved acoustic algorithms to reduce more unwanted noise.

Adaptive Transparency

Apple updated the AirPods Pro with a new Adaptive Transparency feature that builds on the Transparency mode introduced with the first-generation AirPods Pro.

Transparency Mode is designed to allow AirPods Pro users to hear the world around them, listening for traffic, train announcements, and more while also not blocking out music, podcasts, and other audio content.

Apple’s new Adaptive Transparency uses on-device processing to reduce loud environmental sounds to a more comfortable level. It can lower the volume of a passing vehicle siren, construction tools, or loud speakers at a concert.

Sound Quality

Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are outfitted with an updated custom high-excursion low-distortion Apple driver and a custom high dynamic range amplifier, which Apple says brings richer, deeper bass and crystal-clear sound at all volume levels.


There are two dual beamforming microphones and an inward-facing microphone for Active Noise Cancellation purposes.

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ is designed to improve sound quality by taking into account the shape of the ear. The feature uses computational audio and an updated internal microphone pointed toward the ear to optimize sound for each person.

Sound is tuned in real time based on the fit of the AirPod in the user’s ear, with the AirPods Pro adjusting and tuning the low and mid frequencies for consistent playback every time.

Apple says the new H2 chip uses new adaptation algorithms to process sound more quickly, tuning audio at the precise second that it is heard, for higher-fidelity sound. Phone calls also sound more natural thanks to voice enhancement algorithms.

Spatial Audio

Apple introduced Spatial Audio in 2021, bringing a surround sound like experience to Apple Music, the Apple TV app, and more. With Dolby Atmos tracks in Apple Music, the AirPods Pro can provide a multi-dimensional audio experience that makes it so the sound comes from all around you.

airpods pro personalized spatial audio

Spatial audio applies directional audio filters and subtly adjusts the frequencies that each ear receives to place sounds virtually anywhere in space for an immersive listening experience. The feature uses sensors in the AirPods Pro along with sensors in the iPhone or iPad to track the motion of a person’s head as well as the position of their device, comparing the motion data and remapping the sound field so that it stays anchored to the device even as the head moves.

Dynamic head tracking works with spatial audio and on Group FaceTime calls so it sounds like the FaceTime participants are right in the room with you.

The AirPods Pro also support Personalized Spatial Audio, which is an iOS 16 feature. With Personalized Spatial Audio, you can use your TrueDepth camera to scan the area around you to create a custom sound experience.

H2 Chip

There is a new H2 chip inside the AirPods Pro 2, which is an improvement over the prior H1 chip. The H2 powers all of the features in the AirPods, including Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ.

airpods pro h2 chip



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